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Trying to find my way

Life is cheap, it's the accessoires that cost

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Mixing German and English entries since 2003

"Jedenfalls ist es besser, ein eckiges Etwas zu sein als ein rundes Nichts." - Friedrich Hebbel

"Ich bin wie ich bin. Die einen kennen mich, die anderen können mich ..." - Konrad Adenauer

I really should write more about me here. But I'm still too busy to do it.
My interests? Just read that long list above.
In short: geek, geologist, pagan, loves rambeling (and sometimes ranting) about movies, series, novels, comics, politics, people and life in general in her journal.
I've also got a dreamwidth account (diekahvi) and a tumblr (Rheintochter).

You are Kahvi; the violent one!

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The WeatherPixie

by shironezumi

by shironezumi

by shironezumi

Alan Rickman is love

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